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When visiting Mexico, Cozumel should be considered. A visit to southeastern Mexico and the legendary Caribbean Sea is memorable for many reasons. Just 30 miles from Cancun, the island of Cozumel, with soft white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, archeological zones, and ecotourism parks, is a magnificent destination.

Cozumel hotels range from small one-of-a-kind properties to luxury resorts. The island also has beautiful beaches for camping, the best being San Francisco and Playa Azul.

World renowned for its reefs, diving is one of the most popular activities in Cozumel. Crystal-clear waters captivate divers, who come here for the wealth of coral reefs surrounding the island. Cenotes (sinkholes resulting from the collapse of limestone that exposes groundwater) can also be explored by swimming, snorkeling, or diving.

Popular diving destinations iinclude El Arrecife Paraíso Norte y Sur, Chankanaab natural park, the Tormentos coral reef, Yocab, El Paso del Cedral, Tunich, Cardona, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Palancar, Punta Sur, Colombia, and Maracaibo. These are star attractions for tourists who wish to see the underwater world and its wonders up close.

Cozumel, a main Mayan settlement, was named the "Island of Swallows" and home of Ixchel, goddess of love and fertility. Rich in archeological culture, the most representative areas are San Gervasio, the Templo del Cedral, Santa Rita, Ixpal Barco, and Xhanan.

Since 2010, Cozumel has been one of the 100 places designated a United Nations City of Peace.

The clarity of the sea captivates all who visit, letting them easily observe multicolored fish, reefs, and marine flora. Don't overlook this beautiful island.