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Discover a non-stop party on the western edge of Jamaica where the free-spirited and young-at-heart go to play. Discover the laid-back town of NEGRIL. Leave your cares behind and dive into calm, protected Caribbean waters rich with remarkable coral reefs and interesting marine life. Frolic in the pale aqua and teal waves lapping against the seven-mile beach.

Enveloped in lush foliage, skirted by exquisite beaches, kissed by warm sunshine and caressed by the sea, Jamaica is an island of intoxicating beauty. But splendid scenery isn't the island's only asset - Jamaica is alive with music, art and culture as well as being the birthplace of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and other reggae greats. This infectious music can be heard everywhere on the island, from beach bars to nightclubs.

Negril, Jamaica is one of life's rare pleasures and the ultimate freedom vacation. If you want a place to get away from it all in an atmosphere of sand, sea, and fun, this is the place for you. Kick off your shoes and shrug off your blues.