How Does a Travel Agent Help You?

Wondering why people choose to work with a travel agent when they can book their travel alone?


  • Destination expertise
  • Discounted hotel rates
  • All-in-one package deals
  • Exclusive specials and promotions
  • Helps you determine your budget
  • Distills your options to offer relief
  • Takes the time to understand your unique travel needs and interests and translate them into your own personalized travel experience

Savings & Advice:

Think a travel agent is too expensive? Think again. Rather than paying more for your vacation, you are likely to pay less and get more. A good travel agent is your advocate and puts your interests first. There are hundreds of details that go into every trip. We can be your guide for everything from what to pack before you leave to all of the "must see" attractions. We can offer you insider tips and advice, and handle all of the arrangements so you can focus on enjoying your getaway.

Peace of Mind:

Finally, your travel agent is there for you before, during, and after your trip. And that bonus peace of mind comes at no extra charge. If anything should go wrong during your trip, such as a flight being canceled, you can rely on us to get you on the next flight. We also offer you a wide variety of Travel Insurance options to protect your vacation investment.

Judy offers professional, friendly and customized service based on over 3 decades as a travel consultant.

"Travel is my passion and my life work. It's what I do all day every day. We have been to many of the destinations, resorts, off-the beaten path excursions and planned trips to the destinations you want to experience. Our first-hand travel experience, education, and ongoing training with tourism boards, cruise lines, resort chains and other travel company's make us travel experts who can make sure your vacation turns out just the way you imagine, every time."